Le Rug

John continues to produce and work with new undiscovered talent. He is currently working with and producing “Le Rug” having produced two cd’s with them. He’s hoping he has the same success as Maroon 5, an early discovery and production of John’s when they were called Kara’s Flowers.

Jeannie Kendall

Country star Jeannie Kendall of the Kendalls has recorded “Shouldn’t Still Shake Me”, a song John co-wrote with Nashville singer songwriter Shevy Smith. Look for Jeannie’s new record to come out on Rounder Records in a few months.

Amanda Stott

EMI Canada Recording artist Amanda Stott, is recording John’s song “Getting There” co-written with frequent collaborator Patty Maloney and Andrew Fromm whose credits include Mark Anthony and the Backstreet Boys. Amanda’s record will be released on Virgin Records in the US. Also recording this song is Japanese artist Miho Fukuhara for Sony Music Records. It was released in 2008.

Dirty Dancing; Havana Nights

Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights was released in the theaters and it featured the theme of “I’ve Had The Time of My life” 6 times during the movie. It was used as underscoring in various scenes. Hungry Eyes has reemerged in the form of a hit dance tune in the U.K. Eyeopener has scored a hit with a remake of the song and landed at #16 on the top 40 chart in England. Along with the song comes a quirky video involving two spritely fairies. Check it out at www.aatw.com

Kristine W

John’s collaboration with Kristine W entitled "I’ll Be Your Light" reached #2 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart. She is currently enjoying her 9th straight #1 dance single making her the first artist to have that distinction.

Kara's Flowers

John will be mentioned as one of the Producers, along with Tommy Allen, who discovered and Produced Kara’a Flowers (now Maroon 5) first record (and signed them to their first recording contract) on an episode about Maroon 5 that will air on the TV Music show Fuse. Fuse is a show that is part of the Madison Square Garden Network.